In view of the complex health emergency that the country and the whole world is experiencing with the presence of the coronavirus, VOGT's executive committee has developed a COVID-19 Contingency Plan, with a series of preventive measures that will allow us to minimize the risk of contagion of our workers and their families, as well as to collaborate with the authorities by implementing measures that will allow the magnitude of the virus contagion to decrease in the coming days and, finally and very importantly, to maintain the continuity of operations and services for the benefit of our customers.

To this end, we have implemented a robust sanitation plan in each branch, supply of critical supplies for the prevention of contagion, new measures such as more frequent cleaning and disinfection of facilities, social distancing practices, remote work, limitations on visitors' access to the facilities and communication reinforcement for the adoption of self-care.

We have also sought to ensure timely commercial attention to our customers by reinforcing all our digital channels and encouraging contact with commercial executives through Video Conferences (Schedule yours here

On the other hand, due to the strict measures taken by the government, there may be some delays in production and product deliveries, even though our factory continues to operate on a shift system. We are working hard every day to analyze the impacts and minimize them.

Of course, we will continue to be available to our customers in case of emergencies or problems that have a high impact on their operation. In these urgent cases, our engineers will continue to provide support, especially in processes considered strategic or essential by the authorities, whether in mining, industry, agriculture, agri-food, forestry, fishing, or civil and sanitary works. We assume that the protection of our clients' collaborators is as important for them as it is for us and that they have also taken measures to protect them.

Our General Manager commented that "during our 65-year history, we have faced a series of internal and external crises. We overcame them all with the effort, sacrifice and perseverance of the different collaborators who were there to carry them through. Today this responsibility falls to us and of course we will respond to this challenge

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