VOGT Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps are versatile equipment, simple to operate, with low investment and maintenance costs, they can move different types of fluids without problems, have a long service life, allow the passage of suspended solids and work on the surface without de-priming, for this and more, they are widely used in wastewater treatment systems and have even been installed to recirculate silage (treated salmon mortality).

What differentiates them from conventional centrifugal pumps is that they do not require a foot valve and can lift the fluid from a level below the pump suction because they are self-priming, i.e., they can use a mixture of air and water until they reach their rated condition without auxiliary elements.

A clear example is the self-priming pumps series A VOGT, they have semi-open impeller with straight vane, especially suitable for fluids with solid particles, since it reduces the probability of clogging, in addition to its self-priming capacity, that is, its ability to fill the suction line, does not require a foot valve that can also suffer clogging in the case of dirty fluids or fluids with solid particles. They are particularly suitable for wastewater and sewage treatment plants.

Maintenance is the same as that of a conventional centrifugal pump, simple from disassembly to the replacement of basic components to continue operation, including seal replacement, bearing replacement, bearing lubrication in the case of models with oil bath lubrication, seal sleeve or stuffing box sleeve.

VOGT Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps are highly versatile in all types of industries, such as:

  • Traditional irrigation
  • Drainage systems
  • On-site water supply
  • Water treatment plants (wastewater and sewage)
  • Seawater collection
  • Fish farming treatment plant
  • Silage
  • Shipyards, among others


The impeller and the pump body are manufactured in different materials, Nodular Cast Iron GGG-40, Bronze, Stainless Steel AISI 316, among others.

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