The Long-Duration Energy Storage Solution is key to the development of the energy matrix and will have a market penetration as steep and powerful as renewable energies had a decade ago.

Solution Overview

The Energy Storage System, based on a disruptive technological innovation, allows the storage of electrical energy for electricity and heat production for up to 13 hours. Each module has an electrical power of 13 kWe and a storage capacity of 13 hours. Its modular implementation allows to cover power scales from 13 kW to MWs depending on the need of each project.


The technology harnesses the latent heat of aluminum to transform electrical energy into phase change heat and then generate electricity in a clean, safe and on-demand manner, and offers the possibility to complement, for example, solar photovoltaic systems allowing a 24/7 renewable supply to end users.

What does this solution include?

The energy storage system is an integral and complete product that can be integrated into energy systems in Plug&Play mode. This system must be connected to an electrical power system for "charging", which can be a photovoltaic park, a wind power system or the grid, among others.

In which applications can this solution be used?

The energy storage system is ideal for use by small scale commercial and industrial customers with baseload consumption and high operating costs due to excessive tariffs or fossil fuel based generation systems such as diesel. The best use of the system is obtained when the customer in addition to its electrical demand has a low temperature heat demand, which can be supplied by the unit.

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What is driving the use of these solutions in the market?

The very low cost of renewable generation technologies and the need to transfer this low cost generation to hours when the renewable resource is not available (sun, wind, water, etc.). This in a context of global urgency to achieve a cost efficient decarbonization of the productive matrix and subsequently a significant reduction of the associated carbon footprint.

What are the benefits for the customer?

End users of the system perceive 3 types of added value:

Economic benefit associated with very low operating costs allowing a payback of 4-6 years.

Technical benefit associated with obtaining a reliable, clean and durable supply over time, and

Commercial benefit associated with the strong reduction of the carbon footprint of the process and consequent increase in the sustainability of the industrial activity.


How do you see the future of this type of solutions?

Storage systems are key to the development of the energy matrix and will have a market penetration as abrupt and powerful as that of renewable energies a decade ago.

The storage market is large and diverse, this system is positioned in a thermal storage segment where there is no competition, unlike electrochemical systems such as lithium batteries, which are more suitable for providing complementary services or energy for short duration (<6 hours).

In this sense, this system is positioned in a growing market with a unique and cost-efficient technology, paving a solid path to the future, complementing high standards of Swedish engineering and frontier innovation, which added to VOGT's local development capabilities and integration of key products, allows providing interesting solutions to mining, agricultural and industrial customers.



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