On September 2 and 3, the first Agryd Virtual Expo was successfully held, an event that brought together professionals, companies and institutions that today stand out for their commitment to the efficient use of water and energy.

In this interactive meeting, visitors were able to attend interesting talks via webinars and visit the exhibitors' stands, in a showcase of products, services and business opportunities.

Among the speakers were Luis Gurovich, vice-president of AGRYD, who discussed irrigation technologies and the water situation in Chile, Guillermo Donoso, professor at the Center for Water Law and Management of the Pontificia Universidad Católica, who analyzed the performance and challenges of the water rights market in Chile. Juan Troncoso, head of VOGT's Agricultural Division, spoke about the new Complementary Technologies to Ensure Efficient Fluid Transport. Below you can watch his talk.

In addition, the most recent version of AGRYD magazine was launched, which you can read here.

The event will be open throughout the month of September. Therefore, visitors will still be able to view booths, download material and connect with exhibitors. In addition, they will be able to review all the talks on the program in the Relive Auditorium at the Expo itself.



It is a trade association that represents a large number of professionals, companies and institutions related to the efficient use of water and energy, including academics, consultants specializing in irrigation law, manufacturers, distribution companies, designers and installers of irrigation systems, builders, deep well companies and law firms specializing in natural resources. Learn more about Agryd here: www.agryd.cl

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