The Flowmeter Communication Service allows to visualize in real time the instantaneous and total flows extracted from the catchment wells.

Client's requirement:

Install and maintain a system for monitoring and transmission of effective extractions in groundwater catchment works.

Each system consists of a flowmeter to measure instantaneous flow and volume extracted (totalizer), a sensor to measure groundwater level (pressure, piezoresistive, etc.) and a DataLogger to store and back up the data measured in the dewatering system.

The original system had control equipment that required updating, in addition to some hardware deficiencies as a result of the demanding operating conditions to which this type of equipment is subjected in a downhole operation, the main deficiencies to be resolved are presented below:

  • • Maintenance wells blocked and without power.
  • Some power boards with electrical findings.
  • • Flowmeters without calibration, out of range and/or connection process.
Flowmeters connected to PLCs and/or Existing Communication Equipment


Flowmeters out of calibration, out of range and/or process connection


VOGT Solution

Communication improvement of the Telemetry system, considering tuning existing equipment, standardization of flowmeters, calibration, configuration and on-line manuals, development of APP Android / IPhone VOGT Analytics.

In the VOGT Analytics App, manuals, calibration certificates or tests of flowmeters, pumps, valves, etc. are kept updated. (Digital Cadastre).

Automatic reporting PI-System and Client Software. Improvement in Energy Quality, Consumption and Deviations of the pumping system.

VOGT Analytics APP Functionality
Filling Activation via VOGT Analytics App for Cistern Trucks