The VCBS series "Vertical Cantilever Low Suction" is a patented model that has low level suction capacity, even superior to dewatering pumps, but with the robustness and simplicity of a centrifugal pump you get Heavy Duty performance.

It is the only equipment with maximum dewatering capacity that allows the recovery of valuable solutions, such as the final product in non-metallic mining processes.

They are single-stage vertical axis centrifugal pumps, VS5 cantilever design with patented low suction design. Bearing body execution, with single volute type casing, semi-open impeller and without mechanical seal, totally cantilevered shaft without any type of support bushing.

These equipments operate in adverse working conditions and affected by a large number of variables, both in the fluid composition and in the operating points and temperature variables, since they are located in the most important salt flats in Latin America.

  • Capacity: @ 700 m3/hr
  • Head: @ 50 m.c.a.
  • Nominal Sizes: 25 mm (1”) hasta 150 mm (6”)
Projects in Latin American salt flats

In the Salar de Atacama in Chile, thanks to our low suction pumps, the collection of "Concentrated Brine" is carried out to obtain Potassium Chloride (KCL) and Potassium Sulfate (K2SO4), solving the problems of contamination, use of water for cleaning and flow to be transferred to the brine pools of the Salar.


In addition, we are part of the expansion project of one of the most important salt flats in South America, supplying numerous Transfer Pumps, Brine Ponds Transfer, Lime and Lithium Carbonate Plant in Stainless Steel and Alloys.


This project will provide numerous benefits, but the most important is the saving of water resources and reduction of environmental impact, as our brine transfer equipment has the lowest water requirement for cleaning in the world.


Lithium Processing

It begins with the extraction of lithium-rich brine from well fields drilled by VOGT Deep Well Pumps.

Through the VOGT Horizontal Pumps the brine is transferred to a series of pools that use solar radiation and wind for evaporation and concentration, along with a precipitation process to remove impurities.

The concentrated brine is transported to the lithium carbonate plant, where it precipitates, filters and dries the finished high quality lithium carbonate product using VOGT Transfer Pumps and Float Pumps.


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