We have implemented innovations in designs developed for Metallic Mining in applications of water recovery and transport of solutions that are captured from Tailings Tanks, Solution Accumulation Pools (PLS, ILS or Refining).

The vast majority of mining processes correspond to wet processes involving the transport of different types of highly abrasive and/or corrosive fluids, where centrifugal pumps play a very important role and are present in most of them.

For this reason -and given the criticality of these processes- is that the proper selection of the pumping solution is very important to ensure the operational reliability of each application.

The mining sector demands all types of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps for its processes. Due to the type of applications - usually abrasive and corrosive at the same time - the compatibility of construction materials and mechanical and static sealing systems are probably the most demanding at industrial level. "Many of the developments and innovations are obtained from the requirements of these markets, where opportunities for improvement are always present and highly valued," explained Eduardo Gonzalez, VOGT Industrial Business Manager.

Regarding mining, the range of requirements is very wide, from the hydraulic point of view. There, the market demands higher flow and pressure, therefore, the solutions provided must have maximum efficiency and reliability. "It is especially important to incorporate additional elements that allow real-time evaluation of the mechanical and process variables associated with critical pumping applications for the operation".

New Developments

The innovations that have been incorporated to this equipment correspond to designs specially developed for Metallic Mining in applications of water recovery and transport of solutions that are captured from Tailings Tanks, Solution Accumulation Pools (PLS, ILS or Refining). Meanwhile, in non-metallic mining, the innovation is present in the design of the VCBS series, which is a low suction pump that allows the maximum exhaustion of the final product obtained after the concentration process by evaporation.

"In the field of IOT, we have developed a sensorization solution for our VCB Series Floating pumps, which allows the capture, transmission, storage, display and analysis of parameters, in addition to the telemetry of structural, electrical, hydraulic and process variables."

Eduardo pointed out that all the equipment they sell is delivered with the proper maintenance guidelines and recommendations for successful operation. He added that in those applications in which the client requires it, they accompany the commissioning and start-up stages, providing advice and training to the personnel who will be in charge of maintenance and operation, "this ensures a deep knowledge of the operators that will favorably affect availability and reliability".

Wide range of solutions

We manufacture unique models in the world under international norms and with high quality standards, which ensures that the products are adapted to the demand of different markets. "Our offer includes Floating Pumps and Platforms; Horizontal and Vertical Pumps for fluids with low solids content; Horizontal and Vertical Pumps for handling mineral slurries; and Hydro-pneumatic Ponds," he said.

We also have Fire Protection Systems; Electrical Rooms; Control Panels; Unit Substations; Mounting Skid; Peripherals; High Range Services; Hybrid Energy Sources Controller; and Azelio Long Life Energy Storage System.

We are able to develop "Pumping Solutions", which integrate the main hardware of any fluid transport solution (Pumps, Piping, Floats, Valves, Force & Control Drive, Water Hammer Damping Systems, etc.). "In addition, we have now integrated to our traditional solutions a series of sensorization elements that allow us to capture -in real time- different mechanical, electrical and process signals, which allow our customers to be able to perform a much more efficient asset management."