Contact water is one of the main problems faced by the mining industry. Also known as acidic water, it is generated when rain or snow comes into contact with mining stockpiles or facilities, which enter the environment through surface water courses or seepage.

This can affect water quality, harming local communities and preventing the use of these water resources for personal consumption or irrigation.

We reaffirmed our commitment to the efficient use of water by participating in the development of the contact water lagoon drainage project for a major mining company. This solution was carried out in a first stage with a VCB Series raft pump, which drives to pump station N°1 (MD Series, Power 350 HP), which in turn drives to pump station N°2 (MD Series, Power 350 HP).

The entire system is monitored from a control room, where operators can not only see the status of the equipment, but also control the levels of each of the drive stages.

This SCADA control system was made with the incorporation of variable frequency drives, PLC and specialized software, which provide a very high level of automation.

Recently, we delivered the second stage of the project that considered 4 units of the model CB 668B DV 350 hp engine.

Our client requested to conform the solution using the Vertical Cantilever pump in VOGT raft as it offers countless advantages over other types of vertical pumps, this based primarily on its constructive robustness, since the main point of failure present in other designs, the mechanical seal, is eliminated.

In addition, it has a low maintenance level, no axial force transmission to the motor, short wingspan, better center of gravity, better performance in the application, since it can work with pools of lower level between the bottom and the free surface of fluid, among many other operational advantages that make it the best solution in the market.