Climate change is affecting our country and the world at an unthinkable speed. We are in a serious situation of both drought and water scarcity, so our focus is on water efficiency and related processes, becoming a vital part of the processes of desalination plants.

Some of the equipment that make up our Seawater Impulsion System are:

VTP Series

  • Vertical Multistage Design
  • Wide Flow Rates and Tdhs
  • Semi-Axial Flow Impellers
  • Self-lubrication of bushings with the same fluid
  • Duplex Stainless Steel Construction
  • Length adapted to the depth pit
  • Medium Voltage Vertical Electric Motor
  • Design considers NRR (Non-Reverse Ratchet) to ensure correct direction of rotation.


Multistage Axial Split Casing Series BB3 design

  • Wide Flow Rates and Tdhs
  • Duplex Stainless Steel Construction
  • Medium Voltage Horizontal Electric Motor
  • Minimal axial thrust design due to the arrangement of opposed impellers.


Water hammer damping system for high pressures

  • Protects Pumps and accessories
  • Maximum response speed
  • Nitrogen Gas
  • Autonomous operation

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