We were part of the modernization and production capacity increase stage of the facilities of an important cellulose company in the country. In this project we advised, analyzed, designed and manufactured two hydraulic transient damping stations, one located at the intake, where the process of water impulsion to the process begins, and the other located 4.3 km away, called kilometer 4.3.


Details of the Nitrogen Water Hammer Ponds that make up the Project



In addition, we made the communication link between the control cabinet located at km 4.3 with the intake station and the latter with the Distributed Control System (DCS) of the water impulsion plant operator.

The data collected from the damping stations includes nitrogen gas pressure, pond pressure, pond water level, among others.

The installed system generates alarms for; level, pressure, low nitrogen gas pressure, open cabinet door, communication failure between stations, and many others.

We also made the PLC memory map of the intake for communication with the operator's DCS, so that in the same device the customer can see the status of the ponds.


Pond Visualization:



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