Our Vertical Cantilever VCB series raft pump offers countless advantages over other types of vertical pumps, mainly based on its constructive robustness, since it eliminates the main point of failure present in other designs, the mechanical seal.

In addition, it has low maintenance level, no transmission of axial force to the motor, short wingspan, better center of gravity, better performance in the application, since it can work with pools of lower level between the bottom and the free surface of fluid, also known as water mirror, among many other operational advantages that make it the best solution in the market.

Below, you will be able to review several points of comparison:

VOGT Pump Vertical Floating Cantilever
100% CANTILEVER (According to API VS5)

Vertical Turbine Pump

Positive suction Positive suction
Radically lower minimum submergence
and always assured =>  Free of Cavitation
High Submergence Minimum Submergence =>  For Avoid Cavitation or Vortexing (1.6 meters average)
Does not require 100% assurance of Verticality (since there are no bushings in the design)=>  Optimal for Installation Floating Requires to ensure 100% Verticality (since design considers bushings)
Design does not use Mechanical Seals Design considers Mechanical Seal =>  Critical and high-cost element
Design free of bushings or supports on the shaft and therefore free of shaft failures. Design with line bushings and in bowl assembly =>  critical point of failure in the presence of crystallization and/or solids in suspensions.
Floating Installation =>  Lower probability of presence of solids, since it is always sucked from an area close to the free surface of the fluid. Design requires high submergence. The suction is at a greater depth increasing the probability of suctioning decanted solids.
Successfully tested application in tailings dams, mine bottom ponds, refining ponds, PLS, ILS in leaching plants. Floating design replaced in many mining applications by Floating Cantilever Design.
High reliability and free of spare parts consumption. Low reliability and high consumption of spare parts.
Longer component life and maintenance free. Shorter component life and high maintenance rate.