One of the most important integrations that we have delivered to the mining sector is the solution to the mine bottom dewatering that is found at the mine site at the time of mineral extraction. The constant failures in submersible equipment due to severe wear and tear and the high demand for spare parts, led us more than a decade ago to the development of the CB series of floating raft pumps, which can operate in conjunction with end-suction pumps (booster) under an automated system of level and pressure control.

Our raft pump offers innumerable advantages over other types of vertical pumps, mainly based on its constructive robustness, since it eliminates the main failure point present in other designs, the mechanical seal. In addition, it has low maintenance level, no transmission of axial force to the motor, short wingspan, better center of gravity, better performance in the application, since it can work with pools of lower level between the bottom and the free surface of fluid, also known as water mirror, among many other operational advantages that make it the best solution in the market.