On November 25, the official inauguration ceremony of VOGT's new head office, located in Quilicura, took place.

This new location meant an important investment that today allows us to enjoy facilities of more than 10,000 m2. We have bright, open work environments that encourage communication and interaction between the different areas. In addition, we have incorporated new and larger lifting equipment, greater storage capacity and a high-performance test bench, unique in Chile.

The event was attended by many guests, including employees, shareholders, directors, and members of the Vogt family, who enjoyed the celebration. Ricardo Vogt and Alberto Campos cut the ribbon in the presence of employees from all the company's branches.

Ricardo Vogt, son of one of the founding partners (Richard Vogt) gave a heartfelt speech, reviewing the important moments that our company has experienced throughout its 68 years.

This was followed by a presentation by our Industrial Business Manager, Eduardo González, who shared several trends and innovative solutions that together make up the company's new vision of the future, coining Abraham Lincoln's phrase "The best way to predict the future is to create it".

He was followed by our General Manager Alberto Campos, sharing the details of the start, process, and final delivery of this megaproject. "I want to share the joy and excitement of participating in this long-awaited inauguration of our new head office premises. This dream that was present for so long, today we are making it a reality. I am very happy and proud to lead this organization. I feel like a fortunate manager...... I want to thank all those who have allowed us to reach this instance..... They are the true builders of these new facilities".

Finally, awards were presented to collaborators for their outstanding trajectory. In addition, various activities were carried out, rewarding some of the attendees of the event.

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