On February 1, 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, we started the first construction and remodeling works of our new headquarters in Quilicura. We finished in a longer time than budgeted because we had to overcome a series of unforeseen events typical of a project of this magnitude.

In VOGT's new facilities we incorporated new and larger lifting equipment (bridge cranes), welding fume extraction equipment, a painting room, greater storage capacity, and a high-performance test bench, unique in Chile.

In addition to open work environments that encourage interaction between the different areas according to the requirements of the new generations of professionals.

In relation to this point, some of our managers have wanted to tell us to what extent the new VOGT facilities have benefited the area that each one of them leads.

Eduardo González
Industrial Business Manager

The standard in all its spaces is really of the highest level, our production area, storage, transit of vehicles for the reception of materials and dispatch of equipment in independent areas came to solve an important interference with which we had to coexist in our old plant in San Miguel.

We have successfully overcome the fear of change, the increased commuting time and distances of many workers living in the southern area of Santiago, who have opted to use the shuttle buses provided as a support and reduction of commuting time, as well as the measures of working mixed shifts (2x3 face-to-face) and flexible schedules.

We have been able to notice the great difference that the proximity produces in the daily interaction, how difficulties are solved and how work is more efficient given the great difference in terms of lay out of the offices and the plant. The inorganic growth of the old facilities made this current interaction difficult.

Another relevant point has been the light, that all the offices and workstations have natural light without a doubt that makes us happy, makes the working hours more pleasant, gives a more welcoming atmosphere.

Finally, the loading and unloading of trucks is a resounding change; the loading yard allows us to work with the large-volume products that we are marketing today without any inconvenience.

We have new generations, we want to attract new talent and retain the teams we have, these facilities with modern living rooms, with the possibility of working over coffee with a colleague, a customer, or a supplier in a beautiful, appropriate, and welcoming space, is priceless!

Mᵃ Eugenia Santis
Administration and Finance Manager

VOGT's new facilities have benefited the company and its workers in several aspects. Having successfully overcome the fear of change, the increase in travel time and the distances of many workers living in the southern area of Santiago, who have opted for the use of the buses provided as a support and reduction of travel time, as well as the measures taken to work in mixed shifts.

In addition, in the productive sense, our new test bench has a standard that currently does not exist in the country and, therefore, it is a fantastic attraction pole for our relationship with customers and possible new high standard manufacturing partners worldwide.

Finally, regarding our offices and administrative and commercial spaces, everyone who visits us is surprised and congratulates us for the beautiful, modern, and welcoming facilities, which position us at the highest level with respect to other similar production plants in Europe and the USA.

As the person responsible for a large part of the VOGT sales team, the greatest benefit is that it allows us to project a strong image of development to our customers and reinforces our confidence in the brand that we have been building for nearly 70 years.

On the other hand, in a social, political and health environment of great uncertainty, it allows us to offer a sustainable and reassuring option for all our employees and their families.

Adolfo Alcorta
Operations Manager

VOGT's new headquarters has allowed the development of a more efficient plant layout for production and logistics processes. This allows us to meet the orders of high-end equipment by having areas specially dedicated to these jobs, with greater availability of square meters and a larger capacity bridge crane, as well as improving the processes of the assembly and assembly line.

The processes of the assembly line of standard equipment arranged in a production line, including the painting and packaging process, are also improved, avoiding process crossings, in addition to including a greater capacity of lifting elements.

This modern layout provides greater visibility of the processes by having a plant that allows us to have a view from any point we are observing, in addition to contributing to a work environment of better standards, comfort and quality.

The new headquarters will allow us to work on the digitalization stage of our production and logistic processes together with the test bench where we have improved the taking of records of the hydraulic test and increased its capacity, which leaves us at the forefront of the industry; This allows us to project the company to improve our presence in the domestic market and strengthen our international presence.

Cesar Gonzalez
Applied Technology Manager

VOGT's headquarters in Quilicura has allowed us a better link with other areas and has allowed us to raise requirements associated with the different market segments they serve, that in itself allows us to streamline the search for solutions that add value to both our customers and us.

Based on the above, we are currently researching robotic solutions for our products and solutions that will allow us to remove the human factor from potentially risky activities, as well as predictive monitoring of our assets present in the transport of fluids and their interaction with the customer's process ecosystem, through the use of advanced machine learning tools will allow us to diagnose early conditions and deviations in the operation of our pumps, before critical or catastrophic failures occur that generate lost production time.

Additionally, from the point of view of sustainability, we are advancing in more efficient ways to solve problems associated with algae bloom that affect reservoirs and dams through ultrasonic technology, not only from the point of view of avoiding failures from the point of view of the equipment but also to maintain within certain ranges the physical-chemical characteristics of the water, avoiding problems and/or failures in upstream plants such as reverse osmosis or traditional filtration systems.

Finally, together with German partners we are exploring the generation of renewable energy through floating systems with 2-axis trackers, energy storage in thermal systems and of course, the generation of green hydrogen and its subsequent conversion into electricity using hydrogen cells; solutions that today our customers in mining and industry are already piloting in an incipient and autonomous way.

In addition, we invite you to review the following video where our General Manager Alberto Campos, tells the process of change and we make a small tour that will allow you to know our new headquarters.

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