The Water Congress Chile 2023 has been a landmark event in the field of water management and sustainability. Bringing together experts from around the world, this congress has provided an invaluable platform for knowledge exchange and discussion on water-related challenges and opportunities.

The Congress was held from September 6-8 at the Sheraton Santiago Hotel in Chile. This version had 91 talks and 325 participants from Chile and other countries, and was chaired by Sofía Mordojovich, Teck's Water Resources Manager, who highlighted the advances, challenges and commitments in water issues.

Our participation was focused on the VOGT Cantilever Floating Systems, in addition to raising the idea of developing an amphibious floating unit capable of moving autonomously and positioning itself at different points of fluid capture, depending on the nature of the process and avoiding the pumping system to be exposed to the large presence of solids that are produced by environmental issues in various scenarios.

At the Water Congress Chile 2023 we have not only demonstrated leadership in water innovation, but also commitment to sustainability and collaboration. In a world where responsible water management is essential for our future, we stand out as a role model in the search for smart and sustainable water solutions. Our presence at the congress makes it clear that we are ready to take a leading role in creating a safer and more sustainable future for our most precious resource: water.