Subway mining is a fundamental part of the economy of Chile, a country rich in mineral resources. However, working in subway environments presents unique challenges that require specialized solutions, and in this article, we will explore the specific needs of subway mining, as well as the essential role our pumping systems play in ensuring safe and efficient extraction.

Subway Mining Challenges

1.- Confined Environments

Subway mining often takes place in tight, confined spaces, making water management a critical task. Flooding can be devastating and affect the safety of workers and the efficiency of operations.

2.- Groundwater

Chile is known for its high precipitation in some regions. This groundwater can infiltrate into the mines, creating a constant challenge for drainage and proper management.

3.- Dust and Sediment

Subway mining operations generate dust and sediments that can clog conventional pumping systems as well as accelerate abrasive wear on internal equipment components, thus requiring robust and durable solutions.

4.- Corrosion

Infiltrated waters generate leaching of the minerals present and, therefore, become corrosive fluids. Managing this condition implies the selection of suitable alloys that are resistant to this requirement.

Pumping Solutions for Subway Mining

Our Pumping Systems are designed to address these specific needs and ensure efficient and safe operation in subway mines.

1.- Robust Design

Our equipment is built with corrosion resistant materials and designed to withstand the adverse conditions of subway mining, such as:

This guarantees a long service life and reduced maintenance.

2.-High Pumping Capacity

Our equipment offers high pumping capacity to handle large volumes of water efficiently, which is essential to prevent flooding in mines. In Horizontal Pumps we configure Skids that are built as integral plug & play solutions, which can be installed in different locations and can be relocated depending on the dynamic development of this type of operation. In the case of Vertical Pumps, we offer Low Suction Cantilever equipment that allow extreme exhaustion in conditions of maximum reliability and availability.

3.- Sediment Management

We have solutions that can effectively manage sediments and suspended particles, avoiding blockages in pumping systems such as, A Series, Horizontal Process Series with semi-open impellers and Vertical Low Suction Cantilever VCBS Series (Semi-Open Impeller with Solids Passage).

4.- Advanced Monitoring Systems

We offer advanced monitoring systems, SCADA, IIoT and Telemetry Systems that enable accurate, real-time control of equipment status and groundwater management.

Our Pumping Systems not only help maintain depletion of this groundwater, but also contribute to worker safety and operational efficiency in subway mines.

In short, subway mining presents unique challenges that require specialized solutions. Our Pumping Systems have proven their worth in confined environments, helping to ensure the safe and efficient extraction of critical mineral resources.

If you are interested in learning more about our pumping solutions and how they can meet your specific subway mining needs, please contact us. We are committed to providing reliable and efficient solutions to your pumping challenges in the mining sector.

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