We delivered the perfect solution to address the challenge of high acid mine water to a major open pit copper and molybdenum mine located in the mountainous area of Lo Barnechea, Metropolitan Region, Chile. The implementation of VOGT floating pumps and a Control Room equipped with powerful 300HP motors, makes the difference in the efficient management of acidic water.

The VOGT floating pumps, made of rugged duplex stainless steel, offer a robust and durable solution to the extreme conditions of mine water. With a 350HP motor and 2900 rpm, these pumps not only ensure optimum performance, but also minimize the corrosive impacts of acid, ensuring long life and reliable operation.

Key Benefits

Operational Efficiency: 300HP Pump Control Room optimizes operation, ensuring efficient handling of high acid mine water.

Durability: VOGT duplex stainless steel floating pumps withstand the most challenging conditions, ensuring a long-term investment.

Cost Reduction: The energy efficiency of VOGT pumps contributes to reduced operating costs, improving overall project profitability.

The implementation of this comprehensive solution underscores the commitment to excellence in acid mine water management. With the VOGT floating pumps, our customer not only solves current challenges, but also improves the overall cost-effectiveness of the project.