We were privileged to be part of an exceptional Floating Systems project in an estuary in Côte d'Ivoire that proved to be a resounding success. Through dedicated collaboration and a thorough approach, we managed to implement an effective solution that not only adapted to the client's specific needs, but also contributed to the care of this valuable ecosystem. In this article, we will share the keys to this project that marked an important milestone in our trajectory.

Client's requirement

Design and supply a Floating Pumping System for a flow rate of 1,000 m3/h in an Estuary (geographical and ecological formation located at the interface between a freshwater river and the ocean). This system will be installed in a shallow lagoon in Ivory Coast. The Pumping System will be used to provide water to the main cooling unit of a Combined Cycle Power Generation Plant. Cooling is essential in these processes to keep temperatures under control and ensure efficient and safe operation.

A Combined Cycle Power Generation Plant is an electricity generation facility that uses two power conversion processes, usually a gas turbine and a steam turbine, together to maximize efficiency in power production. In this system, waste heat from the gas turbine is used to generate steam which, in turn, drives an additional steam turbine, increasing electricity production without requiring a greater amount of fuel. This combined cycle approach allows for greater energy efficiency compared to conventional power generation plants, making them more sustainable and cost-effective.

VOGT Solution

To address the client's requirement, we proposed a comprehensive solution that was tailored to the specific needs of this project. This involved a detailed analysis of local conditions, environmental requirements, and logistical considerations to ensure that the proposed solution was feasible and compliant with all relevant regulations.

The main challenge of this project was to ensure stable pumping service in shallow conditions, so our patented Low Suction design with extensive experience and successful applications provided a solid and reliable baseline for the project and for our position.

In a first step, we designed and manufactured a series of high-efficiency VCB Series Duplex CD4MCuN pumps in record time, ensuring that they were capable of handling the required flow efficiently and reliably. We selected these pumps carefully, prioritizing their optimum performance and long service life.

To ensure stability and adaptability to the fluctuating depth of the lagoon, we designed a Floating Spring System that incorporates Spools, Valves and Structures for automatic adjustment to water level variations. This will allow maintaining a constant flow of water to the main cooling of the combined cycle, even in changing conditions.

A noteworthy aspect of this development is that the final design and implementation of the solution was through close collaboration between the project's engineering teams, an example of which is the highly reliable anchoring system using driven piles, developed jointly to ensure adaptation to fluctuations in the estuary's level.

Finally, to ensure fast and efficient access to the Floating System, we provide a Maintenance Vessel, which plays a key role in both emergency maintenance situations and in performing routine periodic inspections.

Our focus was to provide the client in the shortest possible time with a complete, reliable, efficient, and sustainable pumping system that meets the specific needs of this unique location in Côte d'Ivoire.

This project reflects our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, and we look forward to continuing to contribute to the success of future projects.