In 1954, brothers Richard, Otto and Fritz Vogt founded Industria Mecanica VOGT in a small 400 m2 workshop with only 3 workers. Little did they know that their passion for manufacturing parts for various machinery would lead them, four years later, to specialize in the production of centrifugal pumps for water, initially focused on the agricultural and construction sectors.

Strategic Alliance with Allweiler of Germany

A key milestone was the signing of an agreement in 1968 with the renowned German company Allweiler, which allowed us to manufacture in Chile some models of their famous "L" series multistage pumps under license. This collaboration greatly enhanced our know-how in centrifugal pumps. Thousands of units produced of this extended series attest to the success of this alliance.

Expansion into the Industrial Sector in the 80s

The 1980s marked our foray into industrial applications. This involved significantly expanding the product range and offering special executions, strengthening in-house engineering and development capabilities.

An innovative marketing strategy was the mass distribution of the VOGT Pump Technical Catalog. Engineers and designers of a whole generation appreciated having the information they needed to specify our products technically, at a time when the competition skimped on hydraulic curve data and technical specifications.

Another growth factor was the enactment of the Law for the Promotion of Private Investment in Irrigation Works. We captured a substantial part of the technified irrigation market that experienced an explosive boom in Chile. This prompted the expansion of our facilities, incorporating additional sheds, modernizing equipment and inaugurating an advanced Hydraulic Test Bench.

Leadership in Industrial Process Pumps in the 1990s

In the early 90's, we developed a new Series of Industrial Process Pumps, allowing us to participate in projects in the industrial sector. We adopted an organizational structure based on functional areas, with formal departments headed by professionals.

In the middle of the decade, our founder Richard Vogt handed over the operational leadership to his son Ricardo Vogt, in a planned transition.

Consolidation and New Milestones in the New Millennium

By the year 2000, we had already manufactured more than 80,000 pumps in Chile. In 2001, we developed the first Floating Raft Pump for Mining. This innovative solution would evolve to meet the high demand for applications in tailings dams, mine bottom dewatering and leaching ponds, among others.

An emblematic project was the supply to Codelco Salvador in 2004 of several duplex steel pumps for highly acid liquid. Since then, we have successfully participated in important projects for the large mining industry in Chile, with a high award rate and great recognition in this demanding market.

National and International Expansion

In Chile we have consolidated a network of branches in Antofagasta, Copiapó, and Puerto Montt, reflecting our commitment to be closer to our customers.

Our Commercial Office in the United States plays a fundamental role in the promotion of our portfolio of solutions at continental level and in the rest of the world.

We have production infrastructure in Chile and integration agreements with factories in Europe and Asia. We are currently present in 18 countries, thanks to our solid network of distributors.

Strategic Alliances and Evolution of the Business Model

In 2015, an exclusive commercial agreement with Grundfos for standardized pumps in Chile allowed us to replace part of our own manufacturing with integration. This concentrated our production efforts on high-end pumps for mining and industrial projects.

Starting in 2017, we initiated a business model transformation, evolving from an equipment manufacturer to a provider of comprehensive solutions to meet new market requirements.

In 2018, we awarded the equipment for a High Chloride Leachate Process. On the other hand, our pumps manufactured in titanium in China to resist high corrosion represent the highest value business in the company's history.

In 2019, Ricardo Vogt planned to hand over the general management to Alberto Campos, marking the beginning of a new stage for our company with more than 65 years of successful history.

June 13, 2022 will mark the beginning of our productive, commercial and administrative operations in our new facilities in the district of Quilicura, Santiago de Chile.

As part of our modernization process of both our manufacturing and quality control, we decided to implement a more ergonomic, mechanized, specific and automated Test Bench that would allow us to speed up our tests and improve their accuracy. On the other hand, the new Test Bench offers our customers the possibility of observing in real time and remotely the execution of the hydraulic tests of each of their equipment.

Throughout the history of our company, people have been a fundamental pillar of our success and growth. From our founders, who with their vision and dedication laid the foundations of what we are today, to each of the employees who have been part of our corporate family, they have all left their mark on our journey. Their talent, commitment and passion for excellence have been the engines that have driven us to overcome challenges, to innovate constantly and to provide products and services of the highest quality to our customers. Each achievement is the result of the collective effort of a great team.

At VOGT, our commitment to constant evolution rests on the solid pillars of innovation, quality and exceptional service. Throughout our history, we have forged a legacy that transcends borders, making us a symbol of reliability for our customers. Each chapter of our history is written with the dedication and passion that characterizes us and drives us to continue to reach new heights of excellence in everything we do. At VOGT, the past makes us proud, the present challenges us and the future excites us.