We are excited to have participated in the 10th International Tailings Management Conference organized in Chile. This prestigious event brought together key players in the mining sector to discuss and share innovations in tailings management, a critical issue for the industry.

Through keynote presentations, technical sessions and networking opportunities, the more than 600 participants were able to expand their knowledge, exchange ideas and establish connections with the many exhibitors who showcased their solutions at this important congress.

In this edition, we exhibited our patented Floating Raft Pump model, an equipment that has been successfully implemented for more than 20 years in the main mining companies in the country. Our team of experts was available to answer questions, provide demonstrations and discuss how our technologies can help optimize mining operations.

At VOGT, we are committed to innovation and sustainability. Participating in the Tailings Congress 2024 was an opportunity to share our advanced solutions and learn from best practices and emerging technologies in the industry. We strongly believe that collaboration and knowledge sharing are essential to address current and future challenges in tailings management.

We invite you to review our participation in the Tailings Congress 2024 and discover how we are making a difference in the mining sector, click on the link and enjoy the full video!

We would like to thank all the attendees; their participation was fundamental for the success of this event, making this experience an enriching and collaborative exchange.